posting guidelines for the echoes list

this might look like a lot, but most of it boils down to "common sense" that
   you already know.

when originating a post, starting a new discussion "thread" or replying
   to a discussion already in progress, please bear _all_ of the
   following in mind:

1)  restrict postings to pink floyd and related topics.  

2)  read the faq (frequently asked questions) list.
    keep a copy of it handy or, if possible, keep it on-line so
       it can be searched for keywords with an editor or search
       utility prior to posting a question. 
    note: every new subscriber gets a copy of the most current
       version when they are added to the subscriber roll.
    (sorry for those times when it is a bit outdated.)

3)  send unsubscribe commands and other server related messages
       to the server, not to the list.  

    the server is:

    the syntax is:  
                unsubscribe echoes

    both lines should ideally be justified to the left margin
       in the message body.

4)  include a descriptive subject header to help readers decide,
       according to their own interests, whether they should or
       should not read your post.

5)  clearly differentiate between facts and opinions.
    if sharing your opinion, it helps the reader better understand
       your position if you add some reasons to support it.  

6)  before you actually send it off, reread your post to check that you
       have actually said what you meant to say.

7)  the length of your signature should be no more than 5 lines.
    if you post frequently, a long signature rapidly becomes unwelcome.
    some subscribers have to pay for their incoming mail by the byte.  

8)  if possible, format your messages to approximately 70 columns or less
       so that lines can be quoted a few times before they start wrapping
       around on 80 column terminals. 

9)  make sure that your mailer is properly configured to send plain old text
       to the list.
    do not send "mime" encoded mail, binary files, and so on
       to the list -- just plain old text.

10) when considering a reply to a posting, first ask yourself if your
       post will add to the general discussion in a meaningful manner
       or not ("me too!" usually does not.)

11) "flaming" (the response which is abusive or which makes a personal
       attack rather than sticking to the subject) is unacceptable.

12) read all postings before replying to a posting.
    everyone will appreciate it if you check to see if it has already
       been answered by someone else.
    it is impossible to avoid duplicate answers on occasion, especially
       with the long time lag on the digest mode. 

13) when replying to a post, preserve the subject header when if you
       are continuing the same "thread". 

14) be careful of your attributions (the most common error is to
       attribute a post to the list manager who was responsible for
       producing the whole digest, rather than the actual originator
       of the specific post in that digest) when making a reply.

15) when replying, quote only the portion of a posting that is actually
       necesary to convey the meaning of that to which you are replying.
    don't quote the whole original back unless absolutely required.

16) think twice about posting long articles to the list -- and never
       more than once a day.
    instead, place them at an ftp site or a mail server, and announce
       to the list where it has been archived.
    a limit of 32 kilobytes on a low traffic day should keep the digest
       small enough to keep from overflowing some subscriber's mailers. 

17) don't respond to polls via the list.
    responses should go to the address of the pollster, or to an address
       they supply in the poll. 

18) include "ZZZ SPOILER" in the subject header if you are posting details
       about an upcoming tour, or what you saw at a concert you just attended,
       or details about a new album.
    some people prefer what they see and hear at a concert or on a new album
       to be a complete surprise.
    (the "ZZZ" will cause the posting to be sorted to the bottom of the digest). 



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