echoes subscription and format information

"echoes" is a plain old text based discussion list.
do not expect to be innundated with graphics, sounds, and so on -- nor
   should you plan on posting such to the list.

every attempt is being made to assure that "echoes" is available in both
   realtime and digest formats.

"what are those?" you ask.
ok, fair enough.

"realtime" is for subscribers who want to see a copy of each individual
   post as soon as possible.

"digest" is for subscribers who would rather get fewer pieces of mail,
   and who are willing to wait until a sufficient number of posts have
   accumulated and have been sorted by subject and assembled into
   a digest and mailed out as one (usually large) piece of mail.

subscriptions are handled by an automated subscription server, "echoserv",
   which has a mailing address of its own, separate from the list.
the most complicated thing about subscribing is making the decision between
      "i want a digest subscription"
      "i want a realtime subscription."

note that echoserv will only look for commands inside the body of a message,
   the subject is ignored entirely.

and, just in case, know that getting yourself back off of "echoes" again
   is also done using the echoserv server.
kindly bookmark that link.

with your subscription will come a "help" file that tells about all
   the commands that the server understands and a whole pile of
   back issues of the digest in which our "faq" was published.
you'll want to read that.



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